Monday, November 28, 2005

Dispensing of the tickets...

Sarah and I are lovers of theater and concerts. One problem with moving is that we have tickets which we will not be able to use.
Hence the trying to sell or give out the tickets we have. I have been a season ticket holder for the San Jose Repertory Theatre for a few years now, looks like I won't renew this coming season.
I am hoping someone looking at Cragslist will be interested, if that someone is you, look here:
San Jose Rep tickets listed on Craigslist

- Gary

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ski bus informants

yesterday i sent out a note to my fellow hosts and riders on the Bay Area Ski Bus. I've been riding the bus for 5 years now, and all my ski buddies originated from there. It looks like I will only get 2-3 trips in on the ski bus this year. The ski season in the sierras is pretty slow this year, no resorts are actually open right now and a few hoped to. Last year, the resorts were open before Halloween.

Anyway, it looks like maybe I will try and get some skiing done down south. I've never heard anything very good about southern california skiing, but maybe I will be surprised.

- Gary

Looking for a home

Gary and I have been looking on-line for houses and condos for sale. We've been searching through ZipRealty. We just sent the LA Realtor an email with a few places we liked. We hope he'll give us some good feedback, as we're still pretty clueless as to what makes a good neighborhood and commute in LA. We've just purchased tickets to fly down to LA the weekend of 12/3-4. Cross your fingers that we'll find something that weekend and be able to make an offer!


Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Bad New of Benefits

I officially accepted my new job at LACMA yesterday after reviewing the offer letter and benefits package. Turns out I'm not eligible for any benefits (health coverage, sick leave, vacation time) until April 1, 2006. I better not get sick in the next few months! We'll have to figure out how to keep me covered over the next few months.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Moving companies

So i filled out a form online to estimate moving expenses from San Jose to Los Angeles.
Of course there are few places which will actually put a $$ online for what they charge. But I put in the info on moving, and got 4 e-mails in about 15 minutes. They have the fastest turn around of any place I have seen.

In case anyone is wondering, 40-50 cents a pound. But the movers ask kinda dumb questions: "How much does the contents of your house weigh?" Who actually could provide a guess that was even close to accurate?
- Gary

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Ring

Here is a photo of the ring

The Reason & the Purpose

We decided to start a blog to record the next 2 months or so.
Lots of new things to document, engagement, new job & moving.
We will try to keep an active posting, but we're gonna be busy.