Thursday, September 10, 2009

Webcams, Claire & the Grandparents

We try to keep in touch with everyone using our web cameras. We got into the habit when Gary's sister's family lived in Sydney for 2 years; the webcam conversations were far more convenient and cheaper than normal phone calls.

Claire is now starting to pay attention to who is on the computer screen when the webcam is going. We set the laptop up right in front of her, and she will check out what is there, for a little while.

Here, Claire is actively watching OhLaLa be entertaining.

Claire having a discussion with Auntie Linda & cousin Tabitha from her play mat.

The Maiden Voyage

Gary got a new toy the other day.

A table saw?
A socket set?
A new bike?


I finally got a KitchenAid Artisan mixer. Sweet! I have been coveting one for a long, long time, and KitchenAid sells things directly on eBay, so i bit the bullet and got me a fancy grey one. These things come in any color under the rainbow, including hot pink and Martha Stewart powder blue, but I went for a more industrial look.

I made chocolate chip cookies to christen the mixer. It makes all the dirty work so much easier. Let the baking commence!