Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter in Boulder Creek

We visited sarah's dad while up in Santa Cruz for Easter. We all went to lunch in Boulder Creek. They have a quaint downtown area, somewhat typical of the mountain towns around the area, the place has a bit of charm. The weather was gorgeous in the bay area, which we kind of find a surprise now. Especially when we visit Santa Cruz, we expect to freeze.

Alan had a couple of his old business cards laying around. I thought they were pretty cool, a little sketch he did of himself along with his calligraphic name.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fon, Fonera, Fonero

I've become more and more interested in this idea of free wifi access in cities and communities. The large city efforts to provide free wifi (San Francisco, etc.) have all stalled, but a couple startup companies have begun wireless efforts in a bottom-up fashion. The idea being that you share your internet connection where you live, and then when you go somewhere, others return the favor. Thinking of the internet a community asset, then everyone should have access wherever they roam.

I looked around a bit, and ended up signing up with Fon, and getting a "Fonera+" wireless router. Fon is a Spanish company that is growing in Europe ("we are HUGE in Europe!!"). They also have started an effort also to provide wireless access to the Castro District in San Francisco. The router sets up 2 wireless access points to your internet connection: a private one which is password secured, just like your normal wireless router, and then a public access point, which does not have a password and anyone can use.

The access points are completely separate, and you can decide how much bandwidth you wanna give to the general public, in case someone tries downloading entire movies and brings your network to a grinding halt. Most people are not using all their available bandwidth anyway, so if you share a little here and there, it doesn't impact your daily life.

So this is my little project lately. If anyone is interested, as a "Fonero" (the term for people signed up with Fon), I can give out gift certificate things so you can get a Fonera router for cheap. Lemme know and I will forward the invite.

a couple of pics of the fon equipment:

La Fonera+ & La Fontenna connected to network
Fon La Fonera+ router and La Fontenna. You don't have to get the big antenna (La Fontenna) pictured here, but it improves range.

La Fonera+ and La Fontenna box
Fon La Fonera+ router and La Fontenna

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Runyan Canyon, LACMA + gary's parents

Gary's parents visited for a couple days from Palm Springs a week ago. They wanted to check out the new Broad Contemporary Art Museum building at LACMA. They sent out some photos... I figured I would share some.

Runyan Canyon Mom AND Dad
Mom and Dad did a hike in Runyan Canyon Park. You can walk here from our condo, it's maybe a mile away.

Runyan Canyon Hollywood sign
The park is pretty close to the Hollywood Sign. It is also the local dog park. Mom + Dad were surprised to see so many young people in the park during the middle of the day. We informed them, "those are actors."

Runyan Canyon view of downtown LA
At Runyan Canyon park they got some good views & photos of downtown Los Angeles, with a little smog.

LACMA streetlights
We all met up for lunch at LACMA, then checked out the new building & entry. This is street light sculpture out front of LACMA

LACMA firetruck
The fire truck outside the entry pavilion.

LACMA tulips
The Tulips sculpture by jeff koons in the entry pavilion.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The canals of Venice

Venice Canal 2
We went to Venice this weekend. I'm not sure if people what Venice has other than the beach walk, Muscle Beach, etc. There are actual canals in Venice... about 6 blocks of them. Sidewalks run along them, making it a great place to walk when the sun is shining.

The houses along the canals are quite cool, an amazing neighborhood. Everyone was has a little dock for their rowboat. A couple places were for sale in the neighborhood, places 1 block from the canal start around $1.7 million. I think we will have to save more aggressively to move in.

ReferenceWalking LA book
We got a book of walks in LA recently. We referred to it to find out way around Venice. We had been there before, but getting a little more guidance on walking around the trendy shops on Abbot Kinney Blvd and other areas was helpful. Afterward we went up to Santa Monica... between there and the boardwalk in Venice, I think we have seen enough street performers to keep us satisfied for some time.