Monday, March 03, 2008

The canals of Venice

Venice Canal 2
We went to Venice this weekend. I'm not sure if people what Venice has other than the beach walk, Muscle Beach, etc. There are actual canals in Venice... about 6 blocks of them. Sidewalks run along them, making it a great place to walk when the sun is shining.

The houses along the canals are quite cool, an amazing neighborhood. Everyone was has a little dock for their rowboat. A couple places were for sale in the neighborhood, places 1 block from the canal start around $1.7 million. I think we will have to save more aggressively to move in.

ReferenceWalking LA book
We got a book of walks in LA recently. We referred to it to find out way around Venice. We had been there before, but getting a little more guidance on walking around the trendy shops on Abbot Kinney Blvd and other areas was helpful. Afterward we went up to Santa Monica... between there and the boardwalk in Venice, I think we have seen enough street performers to keep us satisfied for some time.

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