Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Runyan Canyon, LACMA + gary's parents

Gary's parents visited for a couple days from Palm Springs a week ago. They wanted to check out the new Broad Contemporary Art Museum building at LACMA. They sent out some photos... I figured I would share some.

Runyan Canyon Mom AND Dad
Mom and Dad did a hike in Runyan Canyon Park. You can walk here from our condo, it's maybe a mile away.

Runyan Canyon Hollywood sign
The park is pretty close to the Hollywood Sign. It is also the local dog park. Mom + Dad were surprised to see so many young people in the park during the middle of the day. We informed them, "those are actors."

Runyan Canyon view of downtown LA
At Runyan Canyon park they got some good views & photos of downtown Los Angeles, with a little smog.

LACMA streetlights
We all met up for lunch at LACMA, then checked out the new building & entry. This is street light sculpture out front of LACMA

LACMA firetruck
The fire truck outside the entry pavilion.

LACMA tulips
The Tulips sculpture by jeff koons in the entry pavilion.

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