Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The kitchen is now updated.

Here is the kitchen when we first moved in.
There was this little ugly bench near the fridge. Really kinda wasted space. You could maybe have a bistro table there, but you would be hitting the table with the fridge door all day.

LA_Condo_MoveIn_Dec2005 016

Gary tore out the bench. Of course the kitchen tile did not extend under the bench. And the dryer vent, washer drain pipe and gas pipeline run along the wall also. We needed to put in tile which matched the current stuff, and route the dryer vent & washer drain pipe so they were close to the wall.

Kitchen_May2006 001  Kitchen_May2006 002

Sarah painted the kitchen a much nicer, lighter color

After that was all done, we put in some matching cabinets and a countertop, making the place a little breakfast bar sorta thing. The new colors make the place look great. One room done... maybe.

Kitchen_May2006 017  Kitchen_May2006 021

Monday, May 29, 2006

but how are the plants? - part 2

Plants May2006
Originally uploaded by Minnaert.
Our other cacti are starting to flower now.
This little cactus has blooms about as big as itself.