Thursday, December 28, 2006

And now... new blinds

Windows_Dec2006 030
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Since the new windows all got put in, it was time to take a step from the temporary blinds and get some real ones. One thing we discovered with the temporary.... They adhere really well to the window casings, which is great for the function of the blinds, but after you leave them up for a year, it takes off paint also! So there is a little bit of window moulding and casing painting in our future now.

Photos posted on Flickr

We ordered these blinds from We used the same company when we lived in San Jose also. The blinds are good quality, are delivered, free shipping, in about 1 week after ordering, and about half the price of normal stores. I would recommend them. You have to install them yourselves... but it's pretty easy. Measure twice drill once though.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

an anniversary of sorts

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of us driving to LA for good. Today is Sarah's 1 year anniversary at LACMA. Time travels fast. One year ago we posted to this wiki that we had arrived after a crazy drive full of all kinds of stinko weather.

The drive yesterday was far less eventful, less traffic and fine weather. I will post some photos from the Christmas in Santa Cruz once I get them all cleaned up.

After a year I don't think we can say we are 'acclimating' any longer. We have adjusted to LA, ad are enjoying living in WeHo. It's supposed to be in the 70's today, and the skies are clear, I think it's hard not to get to adjusted to this sort of life.
- Gary

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Typical Santa Cruz

I am always saying that Santa Cruz has some strangeness to it (I am not the only to have made this statement...) but often it is difficult to quantify how Santa Cruz is a little more weird than anywhere else.

We walked downtown yesterday, had a little lunch, went to the book stores, checked out the shoe places... Downtown is known for attracting a variety of the interesting locals. There were several musicians (i.e. buskers) of questionable quality. But one who was quite good, and who typifies why Santa Cruz can be a strange place, I got a picture of with the camera phone. Nothing like a full orange neoprene suit for you & your accordion. I guess this guy is "Accordion Man", a local fixture.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Windows!!!

We finally got replacement windows installed on Wednesday, Dec. 23rd. We had been wanting to do this from about the second night we stayed in our new place. The old windows were 24 years old, single pane and crappy. Since there is a fire station down the road from us, we would hear the fire engines roaring out of the station a couple times a night. Now all things are nice, energy efficient and quiet, most of all.

We used American Vision Windows. They did a great job. The installers were a lot of fun. Their ongoing joke to each other, when once was being slow, or lazy was to say "This is not the park!" (in a spanglish accent, and joking). Kinda funny.

The old windows. Ick, yuck. Leaky, lots of noise.

Windows_Dec2006 007 Windows_Dec2006 029
Windows_Dec2006 011 Windows_Dec2006 008

When the windows were all taken out. It was cold in LA (60s) and the windows were basically out all day, and I froze while the installers will all there.

Windows_Dec2006 018 Windows_Dec2006 017

Now the new windows all in!! Yippee! New windows are so much quieter and energy efficient than before.

Windows_Dec2006 027 Windows_Dec2006 024
Windows_Dec2006 022 Windows_Dec2006 021

Monday, December 11, 2006

Garage Kitty in the car

Our little friend, the Garage Kitty, who we have posted a few pictures of previously, is sly, just like a cat. If you are not paying attention when you arrive home and get out of your car, Garage Kitty sneaks under your car door and jumps into your car.

She jumped into the car the other day when I got home, then hopped on to the spot under the rear windshield. It was nice and warm there I think. The next day when we got home she jumped in again and wanted some attention from Sarah. Funny kitty. She doesn't want to get out once she's in the car, you need to pick her up and put her out.

Garage Kitty in the backseat of the car

Garage Kitty in the front seat

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Let the holidays begin, the tree is up!

Christmas Tree 2006
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Even thought its about 80 out today, and Gary is wearing shorts, we got our Christmas tree put up and decorated. Lots of good looking presents under the tree already. There really is no winter in LA.

When we were bringing the tree in one of our neighbors commented on how we really overpaid for our tree. That there were better & cheaper trees at the grocery store than at the nursery where we got ours. She could not believe what we spent.

- Gary

Friday, December 08, 2006

lots of wedding photos posted

We finally got around to sporting through all the photos from the wedding. We posted them all on-line, see the link below. The majority of these are from Leah, our pro photographer, but also from many others who sent us the great pictures they took.

Full wedding photo set on Flickr

A few of my favorites:
The photography corps

Steve & Gabe wondering how Kii beat them to the garter

A happy couple