Monday, November 23, 2009

You Moved Where??

We first started this blog 4 years ago to document our move to Southern California, and the process moving into and living in our condo in West Hollywood.

Things change over 4 years, and now that we moved over the weekend, we are:
  1. No longer homeowners, we sold our condo. There were a variety of reasons for this: we wanted an actual yard, a 3rd bedroom would be nice, we didn't like the building we were living it, and we also realized that we could get a lot more for our money renting than paying a mortgage. So we bit the bullet, and sold.

  2. Renters in an single family house. A great, 1930's vintage Spanish architecture house. It's about 2x the size of our condo, with wonderful details all over. The house is great because it has not been largely renovated & screwed up, like so many in LA have been.

  3. We are no longer residents of West Hollywood, but Los Angeles residents now. This is sad to me... WeHo is a pretty well run small city within a city; LA is a horribly run huge city. We moved about 3.5 miles (from A to B on the map above).

  4. Air conditioning-less. We had 2 large criteria when we were looking at places to rent; it needed A/C and a dishwasher. The place we chose has neither. We're having a dishwasher delivered next week... the A/C, check in with us in June and see how we are faring.

  5. Closer to work for Sarah and daycare for Claire. This should be pretty sweet, I should be able to walk or stroller Claire to daycare in the morning.