Sunday, January 29, 2006

New light in the kitchen

While Sarah has been painting every room, Gary found a way to fit the bikes into the storage area, cleared out all the remaining boxes and packing materials and put in dimmer switches, etc. On Sunday, we picked out some new overhead lights; one for the kitchen and one for the master bedroom. The master bedroom will come later, once the painting is complete, but here is the before and after of the kitchen.

On our first visit to the condo, we wondered if the previous owners had looted a pizza parlor...since this fixture seems to be liberated from the Shakey's Pizza of Gary's younger years. The photo of the new one doesn't show the fixture too great... there is texture to the glass. Everyone is invited over to see the new paint & lights. We'll post photos of the bedroom light once we put it in.

LACondo_workDay2_Jan2006 012

LACondo_workDay2_Jan2006 017

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A work day at home

Last weekend we tried to get started on all the things we want to do with the new place. The first step for Sarah was painting the second bedroom or office. Gary decided to tear up the master closet and put in a more efficient closet system. We decided we wanted a brighter color in the second bedroom... it kinda ended up a little more yellow than we thought (even though it was one of the more mellow paint chips we had), but it has grown on us. Our clothes didn't fit into the standard closet... so we were at a decision point. We decided to not throw out clothes... and the new closet setup works well. Tearing out the old carpet in the closet was an added bonus.

Sarah putting on a primer coat

LA_Condo_UnPacking_Jan2006 022

LA_Condo_UnPacking_Jan2006 021

LA_Condo_Painting_Jan2006 008

a quickr pickr post

- Gary

No lack of packing materials

The unpacking paper
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The movers were very thorough and packed everything very well. Just one problem, once you start unpacking, you have paper everywhere. This stack fell over shortly after this photo.
- Gary

The work at home office is ready

Second Bedroom or Office
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We are now finally getting unpacked, but here is what the work at home office looked like about 2 weeks ago.
Lots of room for the computer and desk :)
- Gary

Sunday, January 08, 2006

the appliances have arrived!!!

The washer, dryer and fridge all arrived today.
Just in time to do laundry, Gary only packed one small bag, it was about time for a second lap through the clothes.

the chairs

SanJoseCondo_moveOut_Jan2006 009
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When we moved into the condo in san jose, we had 2 chairs. Now we have a whole bunch, which take some time to wrap in blankets for a move. The dishes and kitchen stuff is stacked almost to the ceiling.

fabulous decorating

below is our sole seating location currently. Also notice the one of a kind window treatments.

Some Photos of recent events...

We got around to posting some photos of recent events.

Our super rainy drive down 101 on January 2nd, while California was having massive flooding.

The new empty condo once we moved in. Notice our new drapes.

Boxes and boxes of stuff!! The movers getting all of our belongings packed up and an empty condo once we left.


Friday, January 06, 2006

the packers have arrived

The packers are here! an hour early.
I am sorta - kinda working at home while the movers pack up all of our stuff. It is not too bad to have others carefully pack all of your belongings up.
So I get to sit here and watch the packers work, then the movers will show up to all all the stuff down the to moving truck. We need to own more stuff, because all of our belongings will only fill about 1/3 of a moving truck, so the moving company needs to fill the rest of the truck before it goes on down the LA. We are supposed to get our things delivered before wednesday though. This is the way to pack.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

down & back again

We drove back down to LA so Sarah could be at work bright and early. We drive down 101 this time, previously we took I-5. The drive was fine, but we encountered some of the strongest storms that have hit California in years. At times it kinda felt like we needed pontoons on the car. I will try and post some photos later of the drive. Since the condo isn't ready, we at at a Holiday Inn Express for a couple days.

The mortgage brokers called today... we got funded today!! In Los Angeles county, it is illegal to fund & record on the same day. So we will record tomorrow, and get the keys then. So we are all moved in!! Good news.

The appliances will be delivered over the weekend. Gary will be driving back up on thursday to watch the movers load the stuff on friday.