Friday, June 09, 2006

Finally... a new bedroom rug

For months we have been looking for an area rug for the bedroom. The combination of simple... but not too simple, and good quality... but not too pricy, plus the right color proved to be an elusive combination.
So: before we got the new rug:

BedroomRug_June2006 003

and after we go the new rug:

BedroomRug_June2006 006

We found this rug at The Rug Warehouse. The rug store is in this whole furniture store shopping center, which used to be a bakery, the Helms Bakery Building, in Culver City. They remodelled the place with furniture shopping, including this huge place called the H.D. Buttercup furniture mart. Now we know where to go in the future for our furniture needs.


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