Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A new guest bedroom light

The light bulb burned out in the guest bedroom the other day. When i went to replace the bulb in the fixture, i discovered it was a halogen light. Surprise surprise.

Anyway, we were never big fans of the light, and i didn't have a replacement halogen bulb, so we figured, let's just replace the entire fixture. Why not!

Here is the original. Not a very inspiring design.

NewLight_Nov2006 005
NewLight_Nov2006 007

And here is the new one. Nothing overly fancy, a simple fixture. This one uses normal bulbs too, so we can put the energy efficient ones in here. We got our new fixture at Lighting Expo. Down on La Brea, just past Pinks.

NewLight_Nov2006 009
NewLight_Nov2006 001a

This was surprisingly the first time there was not a profanity uttered in installing the fixture. Either this one was easier, or i have actually learned something in the replacement of all the overhead lights in the condo.

- Gary

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