Friday, January 12, 2007

The old mirror is gone!

The mirror in the master bathroom left a lot to be desired. It was too big, the molding or frame around the mirror was done really poorly. The whole thing was as I like to call "crap-tastic". So we have been wanting to find a wall mirror with a bit more style that matched the rest of the bathroom. It only took us 1 year, not too bad.

The original mirror: crummy
MbrMirror_Jan2007 004

After I took the mirror down. It was a bit scary taking the mirror off, Sarah was convinced that it was attached with a gallon of glue and would shatter once I tried to take it off. Of course, it was attached with probably not enough adhesive. It was held on only by caulking along the sides.
MbrMirror_Jan2007 007

And our new mirror. Nice brushed silver frame, matches the rest of the bathroom. Also finding one of a size which was appropriate was kinda tricky.
MbrMirror_Jan2007 009

Hooray. Now, who knows what else there is on the to do list.

- Gary

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