Tuesday, June 05, 2007

San Diego & wild animals

We went to San Diego over Memorial Day weekend. We met up with Gary's cousin Kelly, cousin Chris, Chris's wife Marci, their daughter Emma and twins Liam & Spencer. We met up at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park. The kids had a great time, and the adults were pretty impressed with the park also.

Chris (holding Spencer) and Kelly (holding Liam).

SanDiego_May2007 017

Giraffes at the Wild Animal Park. If you want to spend lots of money, you can take a truck ride through the fenced off areas of the park and hand-feed the giraffes.

SanDiego_May2007 028

Fireworks are Petco Park. Gary, Sarah and Chris caught the game. Great stadium and we had pretty good seats as well.

SanDiego_May2007 046

I posted additional photos on Flickr

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