Friday, November 02, 2007

Laundry area redone

Here was our big home renovation project we undertook a few weeks ago. I finally got the shelves all installed, so i figured it was time to post it.

Here is what our laundry area started as. Recall that the cabinets above the washer & dryer had fallen a few months ago.


Here we tore everything down to the studs. Everything in the area was half crazy. There were weird bump-outs in the walls, there was missing drywall, all sorts of craziness. Also when the new a/c got installed, they needed to cut a new hole in the ceiling for the air return. The previous owners had redone some stuff and actually covered the air return.

laundry studs.JPG

Here we are drying the joint compound after we mud & taped the drywall.


And the finished product. We got all the drywall complete & repainted. New shelves from the Container Store all installed. I don't know if there is a career out there for home renovations out there, but i think we improved a few things with the area. Some mistakes were made along the way, but it is improved in many ways.


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