Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Magic Castle birthday

Sarah brought me to the Magic Castle for my birthday a couple weeks ago. The Magic Castle is in Hollywood and is basically a private club started by magicians and features magic acts. We ate dinner there also. It's a private club, so you either need to be a member or get an invitation from a member. We got an invitation.

It was lots of fun, i really like the 'close up' style of magic, i find it so much fun to be amazed by something which seems like a simple trick. One of the magicians was doing a trick where he brought up 2 volunteers and counted out 10 dollar bills to one. Who then counted the money to the other, and counted 11 bills. The second volunteer counted them back, and there were 10. It when on like this for a while, great stuff.

Last year we saw Ricky Jay at the Geffen Playhouse perform his 1 man act "Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants". He does amazing card tricks, lots of fun also.

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