Tuesday, November 11, 2008

photos in downtown los angeles

While Sarah was up in Santa Cruz visiting her dad, i spent some time wandering around downtown Los Angeles taking some photos of the buildings and seeing what else was happening. The big LA Live project is moving along. The Ritz-Carlton/JW Marriott hotel building is moving along, 50 some stories in total. It was a good day to walk around downtown, a few clouds made the photos interesting, but it was very windy. i'm glad i wasn't working the high steel on a day like that.
LA Live Tower

I found my new favorite sculpture. This is outside of the Ernst & Young Plaza on Figueroa. A nice little comment on work-life balance maybe.
Head in wall sculpture in downtown LA

There is a plaque with a poem on it in front of the sculpture.
plaque for the head in wall sculpture in downtown LA

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