Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pie & Pickle

Sarah made a tasty looking apple pie today.
We got 2 big bags of apples in our CSA (community supported agriculture) box this week.
Christmas apple pie 2008

I think when we recycled our Christmas tree last year, we inadvertently recycled the "Christmas Pickle". We were in need of a replacement pickle ornament. To my surprise, pickle ornaments are not readily available. Sarah had to make one, she "felted" this one. It came out pretty slick, a happy, smiling Christmas Pickle.

This is a tradition of which i was unaware until I met Sarah. See, you hide the "Christmas Pickle" ornament in the Christmas Tree, and whoever finds it get the special prize. We have friends coming over for dinner tonight with their 2 year old daughter, we are going to set her off on a mission to find the Christmas Pickle.
Christmas Pickle

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Devi said...

Sarah- this pickle is AWESOME!
(hi gary- i found you on FB- muahhahahaahah.)