Sunday, January 04, 2009

Holiday wrap up

Between Christmas and New Years, Gary's family came to LA for a visit. The Vesneski's were continuing on to Disneyland to spend a few days with friends from Sydney after the new year, Gary's parents were continuing on the Palm Springs to spend a couple months in the sun & on the golf course.

We all went to Universal Studios, had an early new years eve, and then did a little Santa Monica / Hollywood tourist trap things before everyone had to move on.

We all had a great time at Universal Studios. The Simpsons ride was enjoyed by all, along with the Mummy ride. I think everyone was a little surprised that both the adults and kids had fun at the park, the rides amuse and entertain all.

Almost the entire family at the Universal Studios animal show. Gabe is in the foreground, then Gary's sister Linda, niece Tabitha, mom Elaine & dad Ken.

Gabe & Tabitha with Jaws.

On the Universal Studios tour, they had some stuntmen showing what they do. Here one guy is getting launched after a gun fight.

I brought my parents up for a close-up view of the Hollywood sign. There is a great view right above the original Hollywoodland housing development.

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