Friday, April 03, 2009

a bassinet tradition

The Bassinett is ready for a new occupant
Sarah's grandpa made this bassinet many years ago. It was passed on for use to use, and it fits just right into our bedroom. We got a new mattress, and Francine made a nice new sheet for it. I believe she has a couple more on the way for us.

This bassinet is great, it swings, is just the right size and is a family tradition. On the underside of the bassinet are all of the babies which have used it. Our kiddie will be kid #14 to use it! Amazing. There is a bit of a gap though. Sarah's cousin Tom was apparently the most recent occupant, 14 years ago. Maybe we will be starting the 2nd wave of kids to make use of the bassinet.
Bassinet occupants

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SR Huthmacher, Keith D said...

Hey that picture has my name on it Keith David Huthmacher, great pictures she looks very beautiful hope your doing well thanks for all the notes i got a hold of a computer while recovering from surgery. Best of luck to all 3 of you and i cant wait to get a chance to meet her but it wont be until she is a little older.