Monday, August 31, 2009

Gary & Claire's wanderings

Here are some of the recent walks with Claire in the stroller. We have been heading out in the morning to avoid the heat. We usually also try to include an errand or two on our trip. Living within walking distance of most of our needs is a definite convenience.

Bringing along the GPS just leads to another level of interest for our excursions. I've been trying to wander the streets a bit, get the know our neighborhood and city better and better. Claire is a little angel in the stroller, I think she just likes to see the world around her. After a long walk she may fall asleep in the stroller, but usually she is just looking out, very interested in everything that goes past.

Another big hike into Runyan Canyon. We went all the way to the top this time.

The Sunset Strip with Claire. We went by all the nightlife hot spots... at 830am.

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