Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good weather & a turtle on the bike

It has been so much like summer here the last couple weeks, we have been trying to be outside on the weekends. We rode our cruiser bikes to the Hollywood Farmers Market over the weekend. Then we rode around town a bit, did some shopping. LA is nice in that it is mostly flat, so the cruiser bike does just fine with a single gear.

Anyway, Sarah got a new turtle horn for her bike, or 'turtle honker' as we call it some times.

We wear the helmets on the cruiser bikes, which makes us somewhat abnormal from the typical cruiser bike rider. But there are cars around here, piloted by actors and agents on cell phones. The best justification I have heard recently for wearing a helmet is "it's the difference between taking care of a few scrapes on your body to relearning the alphabet."

- Gary

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