Friday, March 23, 2007

updatin' the guest bedroom

The guest bedroom is a work in progress. it's never ending, as i guess most people's guest bedroom is. We had a pretty cluttery collection of things in an open storage wicker type shelves which basically drove Sarah crazy. So we got a new cabinet thingie from IKEA the other day.

Kinda nice, as always with IKEA, you can pick out all the different styles. We wanted something bright, since the walls are yellow in the room. So glossy red doors it was.

IKEA is always an adventure though. We go to the one in Burbank... and they have insane people working the parking lot there. The line of cars for the loading parking lot was around the block, yet not all the spaces in the lot were taken. The concepts of using the spaces in the lot efficiently was lost on those guys. I would hate to see their closet organization... it's probably a mess. Very un-scandinavian of them.


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