Thursday, April 24, 2008

Little Armenia

I went to go pick up my car for service today at Hollywood Ford, which is basically in Little Armenia in Los Angeles. There are many Armenian immigrants in LA, Glendale has I believe the largest Armenian population of anywhere other than Armenia. What I failed to realize was that today is the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, and the official march was in Little Armenia.
Armenian drivers

On the commemoration day, people decorate their cars with Armenian flags. Sadly, the first time I saw this I had not idea which country's flag this was and figured some big soccer match or something must have been won and people were celebrating. Now I know.

The Armenians have done well in Los Angeles, here was a big Rolls Royce Phantom decked out in Armenian flags... probably a $300,000 car. I hope those flags don't scratch the paint.
Armenian drivers


Aram said...

The commemoration day you just so happened to witness was one that takes place annually on the 24th of April. Armenians are not just doing well in Los Angeles. Armenians across the world have achieved many things. Of which probably do not know of because Americans are obviously not going to credit people of such small mass. You might know of the Holocaust. I can guarantee you do not know who helped stop it. America takes credit for what? Losing about 50,000 soldiers on the so called "front lines"? The Red Army sacrificed their men on the real front lines against Nazi Germany during both world wars. The Red Army was ran by the powerful Soviet Union. It was the most brutal and scarce army the world has ever seen. There were 4 Armenian army marshals appointed to that war. That was more than all of Khazakistan, Uzbekistan, and all other soviet nationalist's marshals put together! Just to clarify, what an army marshal does is controlling the real war. It is higher than a 5 star general rank. All of the generals were to report to marshals before any of the large decisions were made. The newer generation of Armenians in Hollywood on the other hand are a little different. Don't be fooled by these biased books of the Armenians for they tried to get rid of us knowing what great things we are capable of achieving. I myself am a proud Armenian and I hope whomever reads this understands what I am trying to say. I am not saying Armenians are the best. We have our flaws just like anyone else does, but we sure as hell deserve some recognition and respect. I am only sixteen years old. I haven't even graduated high school yet and I can lecture you about our country, the United States of America, but you can't even recognize an Armenian flag on the street.

Crystal said...

Well said Aram!