Wednesday, April 30, 2008

which is the couch to beat?

we finally decided that our loveseat couch is too small. we need a couch for grownups.

picking out furniture always seems to be a torturous process, deciding on style, size, shape, pattern, color, cost. and the couch issue is kind of like when i was looking at getting a new bike; what i like and what i would like to spend seem to be 2 very different things. I wish i just had cheap taste, we could pick up a new couch at the Living Spaces monster store and be done with it. But that is not the case.

So we gotta decide. we like leather, we've got an idea of size & style, sorta. Now color and price seem to be the biggest stumbling blocks. Maybe technology will come to our rescue. I took some photos and did a cheap & dirty job of superimposing different colored couches into the room. Comment on the options below:

"pick all new other furniture" is not a valid suggestion, we're only getting a couch right now.

Dark Brown

Light Brown

Beige / White



Anonymous said...

I like the beige the best - especially since you don't have kids or pets!
Auntie "M"

Anonymous said...

i like the dark brown.

did you have an earthquake recently? your wall hangings are crooked! ;-)


Anonymous said...

It was hard to tell because our eye was continually drawn to the crooked pictures on the walls.  Once our eyes focused, we liked the light brown.Mom & Dad