Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day in DC

We went to Washington DC for Memorial Day weekend.
The weather was just about perfect, sunny and mid 80s each day. We were a bit scared, imagining the horribly hot and humid weather DC is known for.
We saw lots of monuments and museums. Went to a Nationals and an Orioles game (we drove to Baltimore for the day). Baltimore has a pretty good Aquarium, close to the Camden Yards, fyi.

We learned a couple things:
  • There are lots of lines in DC. You gotta get used to lining up & standing for a bit.
  • The Metro works pretty well there, we went all over on it. It appears to be the same infrastructure (train cars, gates, etc) as San Francisco's BART.
  • Memorial Day weekend is when the annual biker rally takes place in DC. There are thousands of bikers and Harleys everywhere around the mall. It is not quiet since "loud pipes save lives".

Here I am in front of the Washington Monument.
WashingtonDCMay2008 2008-05-24 010

And here we are at the brand new "Nationals Stadium" to see the Brewers vs the Nationals. They are called the "Nats" for short, which really just sounds wrong.
WashingtonDCMay2008 2008-05-23 014

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