Sunday, July 05, 2009

Door & Lock Set

A couple of weeks ago when Sarah was home with Claire, she went to go outside & discovered she was locked INSIDE the condo. Our front door & lock had been a little wacky for a while, it only liked to open when you turned the doorknob to the right, not the left, and other such weirdo things. So Sarah had to call a neighbor to let her out of the house; a strange set of circumstances.

So we needed to replace the front door & lock. I think the previous owners had tried to beat down the door at some time or something, the door was a bit beat up. After calling around a few places, and having people not call us back... I guess the economy isn't that bad when you try to hire a place and they don't return calls.

So we had our friend Paul help us out, the master craftsman that he is. Gary helped out in the vital "hold this here" capacity. We got a new fancy door, just like the old one, with fancy pewter lock set to replace the gawd-awful ugly set before it.

Here is our original door, crappy lockset and all.

Here we are, in transition, door removed and tools to get the job done around. It ewent pretty quickly, 4.5 hours in total I think.

And here is our fancy new door, all complete. A dramatic change, yes, going from a plain, solid, white door to a plain, solid, white door.

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