Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gary the Stay at Home Dad

Thanks to the California Family Medical Leave Act, Gary is going to be able to combine vacation and some leave and be at home for 10 weeks. This Friday is my last day. Woohoo.

Sarah will be heading back to work at LACMA, and so I will use up all my vacation and be the house husband for a while. I will try and keep the blog updated with Claire and my adventures.

This is the first significant break from work since I started at IBM over 10 years ago and I am looking forward to the time off. The chance to spend lots of time with little Claire and also just to have a different routine and interact with different people rather than than going to work every day and staring at the laptop screen will be a nice change.

It is good to know that I am not alone in this Stay at Home Dad business. In the 1980s there apparently was a documentary made on the topic:

I will keep fit using the Stay at Home Dad workout:

And there also is a Stay at Home Dad theme song:

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The best thing about being a stay-at-home dad is having the freedom to do what you want with your time. You can spend time with your kids and do other activities.

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