Monday, July 06, 2009

New Phones

Sarah and i finally bit the bullet and moved forward in our mobile phone technology. Up until now were were of the "I'll take the free phone please" cell phone opinion. But with all the new fancy things which have come out, we decided to go for it. For a long time i was holding out that one of the cell phone companies would come out with something compelling, competitive which was low priced, but they got us by the throats and i realized that day was never going to come.

So we got 2 iphones now. All modern and fancy and everything. Gotta love the Apple store, when you admit to not being a Mac person having that air of superiority just cascade down upon you. The joys of being talked down to like you are some sort of world class moron for not falling into the Cult of the Mac. My favorite comment from our salesperson was "well you know, the windows machines are great, if you never turn them on... just use them as as a paperweight." Interesting sales tactic "step 1, insult the customer. Make you you establish that you are doing them a favor by taking their money." grrrr.

Other than that, we are satisfied so far. Now i have a high tech, mobile "brag book" which we can use to show off pictures of our little girl. I can't wait to install the fart application and the lighter, those seem to be the essentials.

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