Tuesday, December 27, 2005

a photo diary of san jose to los angeles

Here are some photos we took along the way from San Jose to Los Angeles.
LA downtown reflection
Downtown Los Angeles, Disney Concert Hall in view. Taken from the 12th floor of the Marriott downtown.

LA_drive_Dec2005 003 (Medium) highway 152 exit off 101 in Gilroy Pacheco Pass & reservoir Pacheco Pass, highway 152
Sarah in the rearview I-5 ramp from 152 Stopped on I-5
Stopped on I-5, no actual reason for bad traffic, only more cars on the holidays.

Wave to Sarah, we are now stopped on I5

Stuck in traffic Beef Jerkey & Caffeine break Caffeine break, near Bakersfield better gas prices?
We probably should have stopped somewhere else for gas. Sarah's car was driving on fumes at about this point.

Sarah at the gas stop LA_drive_Dec2005 016 (Medium) Grapevine, just outside LA

Heading into the Grapevine area. It looked like it was going to storm like crazy, but it never did.

Sunset, north of Los Angeles Coming down from the pass, nice sunset into Los Angeles.

Dinner stop, Marie Callendars We stopped for a little dinner just north of LA. Marie Callendars was charming :). This was near Magic Mountain.

Filled the closet, hotel room New home, hotel room, downtown LA Hotel room view, downtown LA


Les said...

highways and hotels - sounds more like a vacation than a move. Hope the job is working out well. When do you get a move-in date on your new place?

auntsioux said...

I love the double exposed effect you got when taking a picture of downtown LA through the window of the hotel