Wednesday, December 28, 2005

updates on move in dates

The plan when we drove down was this:

  1. Arrive in L.A., stay at the downtown Marriot

  2. The mortgage broker and realtor would get everything all prepared Tuesday, December 27th morning

  3. Gary would sign documents at the escrow company on Tuesday, December 27th afternoon

  4. Documents would be sent to lender & they would approve + fund Wednesday, December 28th

  5. County would record transaction on Thursday, December 29th

  6. Gary + Sarah would get the keys on Friday, December 30th

This did not take into account the lender needing all kinds of strange requirements from the new condo Home Owners Association. It
also didn't plan for the HOA president going on vacation. One other point which was not forseen was waiting for documents from the
lender in San Francisco to be e-mailed and a major transformer being blown, therefore taking down the phone & internet for
the lender.

To make a long story longer.... Gary is not signing documents until Thursday, December 29th, which kicks all the dates up, and
with Jan. 2nd being a holiday.... Gary & Sarah are looking like they will get the keys on Wednesday, January 4th, 2006.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you two are going crazy with all the dalays and unforeseen problems. You will be SO-O-O prepared if you ever have children ! ! They have a way of always changing your plans.
Let us know if you need some family entertainment to distract you. Grandpa has home movies and I have the Bruce photos of Sarah eating spaghetti and a peach in her high chair! GOOD STUFF !
Auntie M

Anonymous said...

while you are waiting I'm counting on Gary to find the most wonderful donut shop in your new neighborhood. I'm expecting to go there my first trip down.... I wish i could make everything easy for you both, in stead I'll triple the candle power. xoxoxo Francine

Anonymous said...

This is Grampy. If you have a few momets the rest of the holidays I would like to invite you to come to diner if you could squeze it in
I know how busy you are and I understand you may not have time. If you could come let me know when so I could cook something good. I reall love you and I wish you a happy new Year, if you are unable to come. Grampy