Monday, December 26, 2005

we're on our way

Today is the day of the big drive. We are soon to head down, its about a 5 hour drive to LA, hopefully we can get there in decent time with a break for lunch.

Sarah and I are both driving, with about 5 days of clothes for Gary and 20 days of clothes for Sarah. The place in West Hollywood should hopefully have escrow closed and all the stuff ready for us to occupy on Friday, December 30th. Everything kinda has to go right for all this to happen, if not we will not be in there until the 3rd of January or so.

We are going to stay at the LA Downtown Marriott. It should be close and convenient to most places. We stayed there when house hunting a few weeks ago also.

- Gary & Sarah


Anonymous said...

happy trails to you both, I have asked for perfect traveling weather for you. You are surrounded by love and good wishes. Francine

Anonymous said...

Hope you have arrived safely! We were thinking about you all day (except for when we were eating dinner at Outback Steakhouse for Peter's birthday)! Have an awesome first day tomorrow Sarah - we love you both. Auntie M

auntsioux said...

Thanks for including so many photos. I do better with visuals than words these days. Thanks for bringing us along on your journey.
Love, Aunt Sioux