Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Real Estate

We've been so busy with meeting realtors, we haven't been able to post! On Dec. 1st we met with Brian, the realtor that will (hopefully) be selling our condo in San Jose. He's really great to work with, although our open house this weekend was a complete no-show!

We were in LA over the weekend meeting with 2 different realtors and trying to cover as much of the greater Los Angeles area as we could. Things didn't go as well as we'd hoped, but our LA realtor, Daniel, is trying as hard as he can to find us a place.

It's been such an extreme week for us! Of course I'm a total mess, and of course Gary is taking such wonderful care of me. Maybe if we get a few spare minutes this week, we can post some of the photos we took on our house hunt over the weekend...maybe...


Kii said...

Have you used MLS to search yet? Any decent Realtor should give you their account number and allow you to search the latest postings in the areas of interest. You log into mls through Realtor.com:

Kii -

Koko said...

I can't wait until this turns into a blog about gossip. Ha!