Thursday, December 08, 2005

Realtor Advice... looking back

Sarah and I had a plan when looking for real estate in LA. We got a couple recommendations for realtors from a few different people. We had one show us places in saturday, and the other places on Sunday. We didn't tell them about each other. Then we figured we would inform one that we would go with them. It was like a blind tryout or something.

I guess traditionally you interview 2-3 realtors when you are buying or selling a house, then pick one. They then have you sign some sort of exclusive agreement. Our realtor in San Jose did this for us. Neither of them in LA did this.

So when we informed the realtor we didn't pick that we were using the other realtor, they were kinda pissed. We never signed anything, so we didn't actually make any guarantees or commitments. But using this method forces you to make uncomfortable phone calls. If you thrive on the confrontation and those types of phone calls, have at it.

If you prefer to avoid awkward phone calls, here's some advice:
Interview some realtors. Look for the best deal.
Tell them this is a tryout.

There are big differences, we felt more comfortable and confident with one versus the other. The realtor is going to make a monster pile of money working with you... make 'em work for it.

- Gary

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